Guests Welcomed

Innisfail loves having guests come to meetings and last week we were treated to the presence of Connie’s grandson Jack and Sharon Skewes. Sharon dared to enter the Great Debate over stem cell research and gave a speech providing some very interesting material about some of the issues she has been researching. Lorraine Van B gave a speech on Capturing an Era which regaled many colloquial Aussie phrases that she and others grew up with that add a quirky and endearing dimension to our language.

Nicky gave an educational session on further things Innisfail can do to make its website an even more effective tool for attracting new members. She reported that Innisfail was judged in the top 3 websites for District 69 .. good work for a Club that has only gained the website in the last year.

Anne gave a brief round up of highlights from the District Convention including that Nicky has been confirmed as the Area 32 Governor for next year. Nicky has scored Gary Schmidt the Toastmasters International President as her mentor for the role. Kaj performed exceptionally well in the evaluation contest and did us proud even tho’ he did not place.

Peter Cochrane one of our newest recruits did an excellent job of Toastmaster of the Evening keeping us entertained by weaving anecdotes about budgets into his transitions between segments which of course was very topical at the time.

A few members were absent due to it being that time of year when University demands start to peak. We wish them well in their studies.

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