Welcome to your Toastmasters journey…right here in Innisfail, Qld!

How can Toastmasters help me?


“Tongue-tied. ‘Freaked’ out. A loss for words. Sweaty palms. Gone blank. Can’t breathe. Just plain fear! Sound familiar?”


Public Speaking…? Arrrgghhh!
Most of us would, will and do avoid it like the plague.

Speaking one-on-one. Speaking to a group. Speaking in front of many.

Loca Toastmasters speakers

Every variation can bring on uncertainty and anxiety…and because of this, reduce our effectiveness, our productivity and the way we enjoy our lives.

But why? Why are petrified of speaking in public? Or even one-on-one with others: family, our boss or a friend? We suffer anxiety for only one reason…we haven’t learned the skills of how to do it well!

It’s all about confidence, practice, familiarity and comfort…and that’s what Toastmasters can bring you!

Innisfail Edith StreetAt times, and often with little advanced warning, we are called upon to speak in public. Maybe we’re asked to speak at a birthday, a wedding or a funeral; maybe a staff meeting where we feel strongly about something that ought to change and we need to convince the others; maybe we’re asked to present something at our sports club or church; perhaps we want to negotiate a raise with our boss!


The fact is, the one who can speak will be listened to!

The Innisfail Toastmasters Club exists for people to practice just that – speaking in public. But you gain so much more than just that! Our club mission states:

“We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.”

All members attend because they feel a need to learn and support others with the same desire.
We welcome those who want to combat their nerves and fear of delivering in front of a crowd. We are committed to polishing our communication and leadership skills and helping others do the same. 
Innisfail Anzac Memorial Park Gates

We’re all about having fun, learning new skills, finding out how to speak effectively without notice, how to captivate our listeners. We all want to get better and skills from Toastmasters can literally help out in every part of your life!

Our club is one of more than 14,000 around the world, supported and resourced by the international Toastmasters coordinating body.

You can come as a guest (no obligation to participate even!), you can become a member, you can become part of the club’s executive…so many opportunities. We have many informal activities to learn new speaking skills, a formal competency training program, and even the capacity to ‘compete’ at club, area, district and international level should you wish to!

But the best thing of all – it’s totally self-paced!
You do what you want, when you want.

Come check us out…

Our club meets:      


On the 2nd & 4th  Tuesday evening of each month.  

Meetings begin at 6:30pm sharp (please arrive at 6:15)
and conclude around 8.30pm

Join us at the:

Innisfail Community Support Centre Untitled3
Multi Service Hub – “The HUB”

13-17 Donald Street (Car parking available)

Innisfail, Queensland.

A light supper/snacks are usually provided.


For more information…

Please call (or leave a message for):

Patrick  on 0418790971

Or Email:  info@innisfailtoastmasters.org


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